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About the Author

Ashlee Carroll has been sharing stories since she was a young child. First through short performances in front of her parents old-school, shoulder VHS recorder then graduating to borrowing her mother's Nikon film camera. She's no stranger to capturing the beauty in everything God created.

Her desire to highlight and value His creations eventually led her to a successful photography career. She put down her camera to follow God's call on a journey to become a {joyful} foster mother and subsequently to pen her first children's book. She saw His vision for shedding light on the foster care system with more awareness and education. From her own families experiences she shares a beautiful story of becoming a foster family from her oldest son's eyes.

She lives in Austin, TX with her husband, two sons, the occasional bonus babes and their dog Chloe. You can find her chasing lizards with her boys, listening to a great book on audible, eating a box of edible arrangements, reading God's word, advocating for vulnerable children or sipping coffee with a friend. She is privileged to share her work with a growing audience. Get in touch to discover more about her work, following Jesus or how you can play a part in helping bring awareness to foster care. 

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